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Jagannatha Umbrella - Walking Stick

You never need to let a dreary rainy day get you down! Just pop open this beautiful umbrella and light up the faces of people that see it. The big beaming colorful smile can spread to the hearts and faces of the people. With an attractive wooden cane handle, this umbrella makes for a cane when folded.

Price:  $25.89 

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Jagannatha Umbrella - Walking Stick

Umbrella people walking

Price:  $25.89 
Product Reviews
Chad Macho - 04/07/2017 5 of 5 Stars!
An absolutely wonderful umbrella. Brightens up gloomy days with a smile. Bright colors make it highly visible while walking through street intersections, a great safety factor.
mia anmarirose - 06/14/2015 5 of 5 Stars!
well i got this for my son liam pranayumuni and it was liked alot his face lit up as i have been telling him about juganath for a while of course given the choice he has been fond of subudra but it was lovely for his birthday now i can pick him from a croud beutiful
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